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Problems With Fiberglass Swimming Pools

    • Fiberglass swimming pools are swimming pools that are lined with fiberglass as opposed to vinyl or concrete. Fiberglass swimming pools tend to last longer than swimming pools lined with other materials, but it is important to look at possible disadvantages before you take the plunge.


    • Fiberglass swimming pools cost more money than poured concrete swimming pools or swimming pools that are lined with vinyl. While the fiberglass swimming pool is more durable over all, you pay more upfront for the sturdier swimming pool.

    Issues With Emptying

    • To maintain the integrity of the fiberglass that is used on the swimming pool, you must keep the pool filled at all times. Otherwise the resulting pressure from the outside of the pool can misshape and damage the fiberglass shell. The distortion is a serious issue if the local ground water levels are higher than your pool's water level because the pressure is increased.

    Possible Shifting

    • Fiberglass swimming pools are typically installed over a bed of sand. The sand supports the fiberglass without harming it or putting undue pressure on the shell. Over time, however, the sand can move or shift, altering the ground on which the fiberglass swimming pool rests. If the shifting becomes severe, the pool may tilt or even become damaged. Resetting the pool will solve the problem, but it is an expensive procedure.

    Color Fading

    • Fiberglass swimming pools come in many colors, but over time the colors fade. Even if the shell remains perfectly sound, the paint on the fiberglass will discolor due to time spent in contact with chlorine water and time spent in the full sun. Colored fiberglass finishes are also difficult because the original finish was applied in several coats, making it difficult for a field repair to match the color right away.

    Spider Cracks in the Gel Coat

    • The gel coat of the fiberglass shell is prone to spider cracks, which occur when too much pressure is placed on a specific area of the pool's shell. Spider cracks are harmless because they don't penetrate to the structural layer of the fiberglass swimming pool although they do cloud the finish.

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