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The Best Parts of the Body for Feline Vitamin B12 Injections

    What You Need

    • Prepping injection site (Mel B:

      You'll need a sterile syringe, a disposable needle and vial of B12 fluid. You don't need latex gloves, but you should wash your hands before you begin. A treat for kitty after the procedure will give her reassurance.

    Where to Shoot

    • B12 shots are subcutaneous---or under the skin. You want an area with a lot of skin to allow the injection to spread and to give you ample skin to gently grip for the injection. Between the shoulder blades is an excellent spot as it allows kitty to lie comfortably while you lift the skin and press the needle in.


    • Insert the needle into the B12 vial and draw the plunger back to fill to past the marker you need. Then push the plunger in until the fluid is at the correct mark on the syringe. Remove the needle and flick the syringe to remove any air bubbles and to confirm you have loaded the correct amount. Lightly lift a fold of skin at the base of kitty's neck, exposing the flesh beneath the fur. Aiming toward the tail, hold the needle at a 45-degree angle and inject firmly into the skin. Press the plunger firmly until it is completely empty and remove.


    • If for any reason, the base of the neck is not available or usable, the skin where the front or back leg meets the belly is also loose and is a suitable place for a subcutaneous injection. Allowing kitty to lie comfortably, pinch a fold of skin gently and insert the needle under the skin, just as you would between the shoulder blades.


    • Once you have inserted the needle, draw the plunger back a little. Check if there is any red showing. If so, you have punctured a blood vessel. Remove the needle and reinsert, not forgetting to check again for any blood.

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