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Is "I Need Love" the Greatest Rap Love Song Or Just Overrated?

I was just 10 years old when "I Need Love" by L.
Cool J came out in 1987 but I was already totally enamored by Hip-Hop culture and rap music.
Though it wasn't the first rap love song, "I Need Love" is considered by most to be the greatest.
But is it? It's been over 20 years since "I Need Love" was released and after listening to it today (I've heard the song thousands of times throughout the years), I still believe, as I've always have, that "I Need Love" is the greatest rap love song ever made.
Being the greatest rap love song doesn't mean that it's the best rap love song.
"I Need Love" is not even my personal favorite rap love song.
What makes "I Need Love" the greatest rap love song is its impact and influence on music and rap music in particular.
When I'm alone in my room, sometimes I stare at the wall And in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove For the first time in my life, I see I need love...
"I Need Love" is one of those songs that all the girls love and all the guys know every word, even if they would never admit it.
It's only fitting that the guy who's name stands for- "Ladies Love Cool James" would record a song that would turn girls into lovesick groupies over him and make even the toughest guys want to be more like him; cool, sensitive and gentle when it comes to romancing the ladies.
What "I Need Love" did was show another side to a hardcore and often misunderstood genre of music.
In "I Need Love", L.
was honest and even vulnerable, the kind of qualities that guys work hard at concealing..
Can't you hear it in my voice, I need love bad I've got money, but love's something I've never had...
Every guy who has thought of himself as a player at some point can relate to L.
in "I Need Love"...
See what I mean I've changed I'm no longer A play boy on the run I need something that's stronger Friendship, trust honor respect admiration This whole experience has been such a revelation It's taught me love and how to be a real man...
The success of "I Need Love" played a major role in the direction of L.
Cool J's career.
While L.
can "bring the heat" lyrically with the best of them and is as hardcore as your favorite gangsta rapper (he's built a reputation as a battle MC), he will always be known for his love songs.
He has made more rap love songs than any other rap artist (except maybe Heavy D.
) and many consider him to be the King of the rap love song, a title he seems to embrace.
Not only was "I Need Love" pivotal in taking L.
's career to greater heights, the song has had a long lasting impact on Hip-Hop culture and rap music.
More rap artists have made and continue to make rap love songs.
Anyone can clearly see the influence L.
has had on rap artists of this generation, like Bow Wow for instance.
As I stated earlier, "I Need Love" is not my favorite rap love song, in fact, it's not my favorite rap love song by L.
Cool J, but, it is the greatest rap love song of all time because of the impact that it had on a generation as well as the influence it has on rap music today.

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