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The Death of Network Marketing?

How can this be true? Let's face it.
If you have been involved in any form of network marketing in the past 20 years, you will know that the biggest shift in the industry has occurred at the hands of the internet.
As always, the largest problem network marketers face is attrition in their organizations, but never before has this been more prominent than in the last few years.
This is what has being called "the death of network marketing".
Of course network marketing is not "dead" - but it is without a doubt changed rapidly and irreversibly in the past few years.
How? Because of the internet, we are literally BOMBARDED with information more than ever before.
Sure - most Network Marketers will be told or tell others that the reason why people choose Network Marketing is because it is "Word of Mouth" advertising - (the most effective) right? Now, after being told to write a list of family & friends (which most people do) and calling them, people are turning to the internet to find leads to call.
After failing, and spending more than they make, they quit.
Go ahead - do a search on Google with your company name, followed by the term "leads".
If you are not aware, there are three main searches for your company: 1.
Your company name followed by "leads" 2.
Your company name followed by "distributor", and 3.
Your company name followed by "scam".
That is it! Without realizing it, your potential business partners are going to search engines and typing in "Scam" before they join you.
People are more SKEPTICAL now than ever before.
And so they should be.
If you are doing something like this: Write a list, Invite to a meeting, show the plan, close the prospect - you will NOT be able to keep doing this - because the market is changing and people just do not want to expend the time and energy when they can do the same thing at home.
The internet is causing the "death of network marketing" as we have known it.
But - it's also becoming the savior of the industry.
What most distributors do not realize is that with this change, distributors are not joining the COMPANY you represent.
So what can you do about it? You have got to know or learn how to brand yourself People join YOU in network marketing.
But - You've got a problem.
You only "know" a limited number of people.
With the internet and the explosion of popular social networking sites such as MySpace & Facebook, you can be connected to tens of THOUSANDS of people for free.
However, being exposed to so many people also brings with it new opportunities that you may find more interesting than your own! The death of network marketing actually brings out a new beginning.
The true definition of the death of network marketing is actually the death of prospecting and list building as has been taught in the past.
Get active and start learning about online lead generation.
If you do not, your "sure thing" business (and income) will suffer major attrition, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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