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How to Graph on Semi-Log Paper

    • 1). Write your scale of x-values, on the x-axis. The x-axis of semi-log paper consists of evenly spaced marks, so decide what the interval between your x-values should be. If you need to graph numbers between 1 and 12, and your x-axis has eight marks, then you might want to let each mark denote two x-units.

    • 2). Locate your points on the semi-log paper. Find your x-point on the x-axis, and then find your y-point on the y-axis. The graph paper should have clearly marked the different values of y, so first locate the cycle of y appropriate for your point. If your point is 0.3, it will be in the cycle between 0.1 and 1, and will be two marks above the 0.1 mark.

    • 3). Draw a line to connect the points on your semi-log paper, if desired.

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