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Acne is a very complicated problem and the exact reason as to what causes it has not been fully discovered. It appears that there are many factors involved that contribute to acne. These factors include diet, exercise, stress and skin cleansing. It is important to look at each of these areas to give yourself the best possible chance of solving your acne problem permanently. Here are the three top tips we believe can make the biggest difference in helping to give you the clear skin you seek.

Tip 1: Eat More Natural Foods

We live in a culture and time where there is an abundance of processed foods that taste good, are easily accessible and are also cheap. This makes them a popular choice of food for most people. Unfortunately these types of foods also tend to be rich in chemicals that have been added to preserve the food and also to make it look good. Many people believe that these kinds of chemicals and other toxins in your food can contribute to causing and making acne worse.

This is why it becomes important to select the most natural foods you can find. You do not need to eliminate completely processed foods but look to reducing the quantities and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. If you can consume more organic foods then that is best as organic foods are grown free of artificial chemicals and they also tend to be richer in nutritional content and taste better than conventionally produced foods.

Consider juicing your own fresh fruits and vegetables as this will allow you to get a lot more nutrition and it will also give your digestive system a break. Juicing can be a great way to cleanse your internal system and remove excessive toxins that may have built up from a poor diet.

Tip 2: Reduce Stress

Many acne researchers believe that stress can have an impact and contributes to causing and making acne worse. Many people live extremely stressful lives however many times this stress is caused by wrong thinking. This means that if you can learn to control your mind better then you may be able to eliminate a significant amount of stress from your life.

Meditation can be an effective way to reduce stress and develop mind control so be sure to do further research as there are many free resources online that can show you how to do and practice meditation. Just do a search for 'how to do meditation' and you should be able to find something useful. Transcendental meditation has been researched at the university level and has been found to have many benefits including stress reduction so look into that too.

Getting a dog can be a great way to reduce stress as pets have been shown in many studies to be very effective at reducing stress. Take part in a sport like golf or tennis and stay physically active. Do more exercise like aerobics and weight training, you may even consider joining a gym or purchasing a quality piece of fitness equipment. All these approaches can be great at reducing stress.

Tip 3: Wash Your Face Using The Right Products And Purify Your Water

You do not need to wash your face every hour but it is important to keep the skin clean. Twice a day is usually enough, once in the morning and then once before bed. A great natural soap is glycerin soap which you can find at most health food stores. It has very little odor and is very gentle on your skin and will not dry it out excessively.

A great natural moisturizer is almond oil and again it can be found at most health food stores. It makes good sense to apply food based products on your skin because what you put on your skin can also end up in your bloodstream so stick with natural food based ingredients.

Another useful tip to follow is to drink the purest water you can. Water that comes out of a faucet can contain all kinds of chemicals such as chlorine as well as particulates that you cannot see. These chemicals and particulates can have an effect on your acne. The best water is pure distilled water as that is 100% H2O with nothing else in it. You can get distilled water at many supermarkets, they usually come in the large 20 litre jugs.

Also consider getting a shower filter. When you shower, significant amounts of water get absorbed into your skin so you want this water to be as pure as possible. A whole house distiller is the absolute ideal but this can be costly. Use some of these strategies to help you reduce your acne.

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