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How to Tell He is Not the One For You? Part I

You might have gone through various means of seeking advice when it comes to dating and finding yourself the One.
Undoubtedly you might have read several advice columns, and heard many counselors give tips on finding the one for you.
But tell me have you really found the One you are looking for? I guess the answer is in negative and perhaps this is the very reason why you are here.
Now this is not like any other dating advice but a real life truth about men that would keep you well grounded to the reality.
Through this article of mine I would give you the tell tale signs that would help you instantly figure out if he is not the One for you.
I will develop this article into 3 series so that by the end you reach the third part you would be well equipped into finding out your mister right.
Very often girls miss out or sometimes do not bother to see what is obvious.
I know the charm of love is such that it blinds the most wise of all brains and without any experience of handling a situation it becomes more the difficult to tell a jerk from prince charming.
Now without wasting another minute let me start by suggesting you the following first time tell tale signs: oI am busy: Does he always seem to complain about not having enough time? Is he always busy whenever you wish to see him or call him up? When finally you do meet or call him up you only discover that there is not ample time for you two.
How unromantic? No, its not about how unromantic he is but rather he is not concerned about your needs.
Any man who seem to complain more than often about being busy is someone who does not deserves your time or your attention.
Being with such a guy would only cut your chances of really finding the right one.
I know that you would be trying to argue out that it is genuine but then so are your feelings, and sacrificing your time and self esteem for such a guy would only lead to endless waiting hours resulting in distress.
oThe ringing phone: Here I am not tell you that how offensive it is that his phone is ringing while he is with you but rather something that you might not have observed earlier.
Try to find out if his phone is always on silent or vibration mode whenever he is with you? How to find out, simple just call him when you both are together if you hear the phone ringing then its normal if not then you need to think twice before dating him.
This is a clear indication that he might be having more than one girl in his life.
I am not asking you to be paranoid about it but just telling you the simple truth, he would only do so to hide something from you.
What is there to hide when you both are together? oYour male pals: So, you are one of the girls who have a lot of male pals and are happy to be enjoying healthy friendship with them.
Good for you but your guy does not seem to be comfortable about it.
To him it seems as though the other guys are giving him competition but the truth is that you just treat your male pals as just friends nothing more or less.
Your boy friend does not seem to appreciate it and shows the signs of jealousy and sometimes even uses slander or inappropriate humor to make you feel bad about this friendship.
the truth is that he sees the relation between a guy and a girl as only sexual nothing more.
His mind is telling him that there might be a hidden admirer or a lover in one of your friends but if this were so then you might not be with this guy in the first place.
So, what you do? Break all your friendship just to make this guy feel good.
But why, remember friendship is more stronger than love, it is everlasting and friends are always there no matter what.
If this guy does not understands that friendship exists between a guy and a girl then its time to put your foot down or show him the door.
oI talk you listen: He seems to be always speaking about various things related to him and to you it is a sign that he considers you special and so he is sharing everything with you.
Wrong again, whenever we meet our friends or acquaintance we always like to know how the other person is and try finding out about the life of the other rather than yapping about ourselves, this is called showing genuine interest and care.
If your guy is more bent upon speaking about himself rather than finding out about you or your life then probably he deserves to be just speaking to himself about himself alone.
Think about the long run, would you really be with a guy who just do not bother to ask and find out about your life and you? How can he care for you then if he shows no interest in your daily life, about your feelings your moods and your overall life.
Wise guy:
Is he a guy who always seem to have an answer to all your questions? Wow, sounds great to you, no he is not smart but he is trying to outsmart you in words.
Whenever you complain him about something that has been bothering you or you tell him about feeling uncomfortable that is related to him, then it all starts.
He goes on explaining his valid behavior and do his best to come up with answers that would not require another counter question.
He is so experienced that he knows when to say exactly what to you so that you would not question him again.
Such a wordsmith he is that you would not be able to tell a lie from truth.
With this I conclude the first part of the thee series, hope you gained a lot.
Use this knowledge to your benefit.
I will return soon with another part that would include more such signs.

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