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Wedding cake preparation

You can learn how to make a wedding cake with a little patience and attention to detail. The wedding cake is one of the most anticipated and appreciated by all the wedding decorations, a good cake is delicious. If your wedding planning includes the time to take on this labor of love, you can easily save hundreds of dollars by making the wedding cake. Here are some important tips for success.

Select the size and Flavors

Decide how many people is to feed the cake to make as many layers, and what flavor of cake, ice cream and fillings should. Decide on the recipes you want to use. Once you have made these decisions, assemble your ingredients and equipment you will need to be stacked on the cake.

If you are having a big wedding, it may be impractical to create a cake big enough for everyone. For 100 guests, you need a basic cake, the 12 "round and a 10" cake on the top side. There are a few ways to get around this. First, you can have a smaller cake and then have several sheet cakes, also known as "kitchen cake", the cut to be able to serve your guests know. They can also serve a small wedding cake and cupcakes to your guests, this is an increasingly popular option.

It is a tradition to have to be the top tier of the wedding cake a small cake for two. This will be frozen for the couple to enjoy on their first anniversary to be.


Do you plan on using this important post for the manufacture of the wedding cake:

A stove, you may need a large oven, depending on the size of the cake
Oven thermometer, do not rely on temperature control, unless you havea very new furnace
To make electric mixer for the batter and frosting
Cooling rack for the cake layers
Pastry bag and decorating tips for icing
A sharp knife to cut the layers into slices, as you compensate
Parchment paper, align the cake pans
Cardboard rounds to support each layer cut to fit the size of each pan bottom around the outside rather than the inside
Heavy-duty cake pans, two inches deep
Food safe wood dowels to support the layers

Steps to Successful Wedding Cake Preparation

Prep the cake pans by spraying with nonstick cooking spray, line the bottom with parchment paper and grease spraying the parchment paper.
Prepare your cake batter. Be sure the dough is smooth before filling the pots.

Fill the pot with dough and make sure to fill it evenly. They want a uniform height for each layer, so this is important.

Bake layers for all animals together in the oven. Different levels can be baked individually, but all the layers of an animal must be baked at the same time.

Refrigerate for about 20 minutes each layer, so that they cool in the pans before removal. After removal from the mold, each layer, place it on the cooling rack to cool completely.

Place each layer on its round cardboard and wrap it in plastic wrap. Keep the layers at room temperature, wrapped in this way, while you prepare the fillings and glazes.

Unwrap the layers and make them even by cutting off any bumps carefully with a sharp knife. Measure and mark the various levels around the middle with a toothpick. Cut each layer in half along the markings. That makes two shifts per animal.

Add the filling and be sure it is distributed evenly, then place second layer on top.

Apply a little icing on each layer and then stored in the refrigerator for two hours the animal.

Remove the layers from the refrigerator and freeze everyone with a warm icing spatula. Begin at the beginning, and then frost the sides. You may need several layers of frosting, the frosting looks so smooth. In frosting between industries, which shifts cold again.

It's time to assemble the cake! Cut about five dowels to the height of the bottom layer and add it to about an inch-and-a-half in the around the perimeter of the cake. This is the upper layers and keep the bottom layer from collapsing under the weight. Center of each animal on the level below it. Hold the cardboard circles on the spot at each layer.

When all layers are assembled to raise a large pin at one end and slide it through the center of the cake through all layers on the bottom. This stabilizes the cake for the transport. Maybe you want to transport the cake before applying the last ice decorations.

Decorate the cake by filling the pastry bag with icing and using the decorator tips to make the icing into flowers or weave a basket.

A wedding cake is very labor intensive, but the end result is sure to delight everyone. Note that this project is best left to someone who is not a key member of the wedding party. Come from the church or reception decoration ideas, details, and monitoring to make sure everything is correct, it's really not enough time to add cake-making to the to-do list. Either someone called to make the cake, or allow a guest to give the wedding cake as a wedding gift.

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