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A Sound Mind In A Sound Body

It is nothing new.
Goes all the way back to Plato.
More and more doctors are coming to realize that there is a relationship between our emotions and our physical well being.
If you and I had a violent argument and you were very angry, you could get a headache.
If you were embarrassed, you might blush.
What is that? The blood rushes to your face in response to the emotion..
In a recent column, Dr Paul Donohue wrote, " Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or broken heart syndrome, is a true heart condition brought about by emotional or physical stress.
The stress can be the unexpected death of a close loved one, or it can be a physical stress like major surgery.
The triggering event causes the body to release "stress ' chemicals that have a deleterious effect on the heart muscle.
Broken heart syndrome is an appropriate name for this condition.
" Lately, I have been seeing people who experience "panic attacks".
A panic attack is a physical reaction, the heart beats faster, often there is perspiration and hyperventilation which results from the emotion of fear and anxiety.
Unfortunately, this condition is often treated with a medication which, at best, masks the symptom instead of dealing with the cause.
I use hypnotherapy to eliminate the cause and the symptoms disappear.
Some physical ailments that are triggered by emotions are asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, allergies and, believe it or not, warts.
A Dermatologist once told me that he treats children with warts by putting mercurochrome on the wart and telling them it is a magic potion that will cure them and often the wart disappears.
Hypnotherapy can cure warts.
Believe me, I have done it.
I am sure you have heard of placebos.
The power of suggestion, negative or positive, is very real.
How about a woman who believes she is pregnant and exhibits all the signs of pregnancy and is not pregnant? Any man who has lived any length of time knows how marriage tranquility can be effected by his wife's menstrual cycle.
We are all aware of the phrase, "pain threshold".
Pain is personal.
Different people respond to pain in different ways.
To focus on pain can intensify it.
To take the mind off it, diminishes it.
For instance, people react to dentistry in a negative emotional way.
You have heard the expression, "I would rather have root canal than...
" We have all been conditioned that dentistry is a sadistic practice.
Well, I would not have my 80 year old teeth without my dentist and I have learned to just take my mind away from what it going on by using self hypnosis.
And you know what? It doesn't hurt.
Modern dentistry with water cooled drills, new techniques and anesthesia limit the experience to a minimal discomfort at best.
Incidentally, bruxism (grinding ones teeth while asleep) is caused by the stress we accumulate while awake.
This too can be cured with Hypnotherapy.
In my practice I help people prepare for surgery.
The attitude a person has towards the surgery will contribute to the successful result.
We just do not appreciate how powerful our minds can be.
We can have super human strength given the proper circumstance and motivation.
In order for a medical miracle to occur there has to be faith.
What is faith other than a belief that this miracle can occur? The Bible is full of stories where a person is cured by Jesus after asking Him and admitting his belief that He can do it.
So, please understand, Hypnotherapy does not take the place of modern medicine, but, it can often compliment it and succeed where the Doctor cannot.
I offer a free consultation to anyone who has a problem they wish to discuss.
Even after thirty-five years of practicing it, I am still amazed at its power.

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