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Large Breed Dogs That Make Great Pets

Large Dog Breeds can make great pets, especially the following breeds:

English Mastiff
If you are looking for a great family dog, the English Mastiff is a great choice as they are very calm and affectionate towards children and protective of owners. They rarely attach intruders they are unfamiliar with, but they will corner them until the owner tells them that the intruder is ok... or not ok! The average life span of an English Mastiff is 10 to 11 years.

Great Dane
For many people Great Danes are a wonderful dog. However, many people tend to be afraid of the Great Dane only because of the size of them. In fact, the Great Dane is the world's tallest dog! However, it is very important that people learn the health issues and special needs of this large dog breed as they require more attention than most any other breed.

Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs
The Himalaya Tibetan Mastiffs can make good pets, but they can also be very aggressive. Typically the Asian breed and trained are more aggressive and the western trained are more suitable for domestic pets. The background of prospective dogs should be carefully researched prior to making a commitment, especially as life span is usually 10 to 14 years (which is unusually high for a big dog).

St. Bernard
Many of the larger dogs such as St. Bernard, English Mastiff or the Irish wolfhound are more prone to having health problems over the smaller breeds of dogs. Many times when people go to get a St. Bernard, the health aspect is one thing that is rarely mentioned, but it should be considered and researched. The St. Bernard has an average life span of eight years. This breed is well socialized and is great with children, just watch out for his size around little ones.

Dogue de Bordeaux
is also known as a French Mastiff and is a large dog breed known to be strong, powerful, and also imposing. In fact, in the past they were originally bred for use in dog fighting and as a guard dog. The temperament of the Dogue is balanced and they become very attached to family. A consideration for a family with children to that the average life span of the Dogue de Bordeaux is only six years.

Siberian Husky
A working dog (guard, herd reindeer, pull sleds) that weighs 44 pounds (20 kg) €" 75 pounds (34 kg), and is from Russia. The Chukchi people of the Siberia area breed the Siberian Husky. In the early 1900's the breed was brought to Alaska as a cold weather working dog during the gold rush. This is one of the oldest breeds as confirmed through DNA testing.

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