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Speakers Mounts Installation

A holiday gift the entire family can enjoy and is expected to be one of the hottest home improvements is upgrading your family room to a family entertainment room. The best way to start is to decide how to put the main attraction, your new high-definition TV, on display. Surround sound requires that the various sounds produced by the different speakers originate from specific positions within your home theater room.

The Speakers Mounts offer features such as tilt, swivel, and pan and extend motions, plus Virtual Axis 3-D technology for smooth, effortless tilting with the touch of a finger. Before you make a final decision on how you'll display your TV, you'll also want to consider how to enhance your sound.

Home theater is not just watching movies it is the experience of being immersed into the movie action itself. This would not be possible without the enveloping atmosphere created by surround sound.

Popular installation methods include putting the TV on top of a furniture cabinet, hanging it on a wall or mounting it overhead in the corner of a room. The possibilities are really endless, thanks to innovations in the technology available to support these TV a manufacturer of audio and video furnishings, mounts and accessories.

Home theater sound systems require at least five speakers - front left, right, and center, and two surrounds, an optional sixth speaker is the sub woofer, hence the reference to a 5.1 setup.

More advanced audio playback systems may feature six (6.1 setup) or seven (7.1 setup) full range audio channels for greater realism. For more information on the different audio setups, please check our guide to Surround Sound Formats. For more details

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