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Couples With Twins Are More Exposed to Divorces

Many people say that the kids have nothing to do with their parents' divorce and that is as true as things can get.
However, when it comes to the predisposition certain couples have to getting a divorce, things are a bit different, but the kids still have nothing to do with it.
Here is a very interesting discovery related to the couple which are more likely to get divorced and the ones which are less exposed to divorces.
  Apparently, the people who have twins are more likely to get divorced and their marriages usually end because of their financial problems.
At least, this is what some recent studies have shown.
A study done in Great Britain revealed the fact that twenty-eight per cent of the parents who have twins or triplets got separated or divorced, as compared to the twenty-four per cent of the people who only have a child or different children.
Of course, different children refers to the fact that there is no multiple birth in that family.
  The same study done by the students in Birmingham University showed that the reason why these marriages end are of financial nature, these families having to deal with expenses twice as high as compared to what happens in the families where there is no multiple birth.
Also, twins don't get the same things or as many things as the single children because there are no resources for this to happen.
  Researchers have also noticed that twins are usually born in families where the partners are married and a bit older, but where they are still working.
In fact, this is the contradiction.
Given this consideration, the twins should get more things especially because their parents are working and therefore, they should have a better start in their life and they should be protected more when it comes to different problems.
  The same study showed that the parents who have twins or triplets usually complain about their financial situation, claiming that it is as bad as it can get.
In fact, sixty-two per cent of the families complain about their situation, while only forty per cent of the families with single children complain about the same situation.
  Therefore, if you want to have twins, you should give it a second thought, especially if you believe in statistics and in what happens to the ones around you.
However, if you have a child or two, you should always try your best to do what is best for them, even if that means to not get divorced.

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