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Confused? Find Out the Difference Between Warm and Cool Mist Humidifiers

Are you confused about choosing between a warm air and cool mist humidifiers? There are actually only a few differences between the two, but your choice should depend on your own preferences and what has been recommended by your physician.
I for one find that cool mist humidifiers help make me breathe easier compared to warm mist humidifiers.
I've had asthma since I was a kid, and cool mist humidifiers have always helped me with my breathing especially when I need to stay in my room.
However, there are some people who are more comfortable with a warm mist humidifier.
In the first place, these are generally used in a colder room.
The warm mist sprayed comes from boiling the water that's put into a reservoir.
Warm mist humidifiers can also be used for steaming medications and make the room more cozy and warm.
Warm mist humidifiers are generally quieter than cool mist humidifiers but they also require more frequent cleaning.
This is due to the fact that it uses warm water, which attracts more bacteria buildup.
Cool air humidifiers generally make more sound, but there are pricier ones in the market which have the silent feature.
They're usually the portable ones that are especially placed in bedrooms.
They also vary in sizes and features.
There are compact ones and ones that can humidify a whole house.
To know which kind of humidifier you should purchase, and to determine what specific features you'd like it to have, you should first find out whether or not you need to humidify your whole house and the area of the space you want covered.
Take also into consideration that if you're going to put a humidifier inside a bedroom, you should opt for the quieter ones so you can feel more comfortable sleeping.
It's also an important consideration that the humidifier you choose is also an air purifier so that you'll have cleaner, healthier air to breathe.

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