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How to Care for a Horned Toad Lizard

    • 1). Provide a large aquarium for your pet. The aquarium should be wider than it is deep so the lizard has plenty of room to hide and play. The bottom of the aquarium should closely resemble its natural desert habitat; sand works well for this.

    • 2). Give your lizard shelter. Small logs that are similar to those found in the desert will help your pet feel more at home, as will heat rocks. Add small bushes, either artificial ones or live plants that do well in sandy, dry soil.

    • 3). Feed your horned lizard harvester ants. The lizard can eat other small insects, but its diet must primarily consist of harvester ants. A healthy lizard will consume between 50 and 100 ants per day. Harvester ants supply a necessary nutrient to the lizard that cannot be substituted.

    • 4). Mist your pet with water. A lizard that is in the wild gets water from the insects that it eats. A lizard will also get water when it rains, licking the water that runs down its face. Captive lizards should be misted at least every other day, if not daily.

    • 5). Keep your lizard warm. A horned toad lizard needs daytime temperatures kept between 100 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat rocks and lamps keep the lizard's home at a healthy temperature. Temperatures below 70 degrees will force a lizard into hibernation, and could be fatal.

    • 6). Provide a daytime atmosphere with plenty of UVA or UVB light. These lizards need an adequate supply of light to prevent sickness and deformities. Shut the artificial lights off at night, but leave the heat rock on so that the lizard can keep warm.

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