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Bobble-Heads: Some Interesting Facts About Them And You Can Custom Made For Your Love One From Photo

Bobble-head dolls have taken everyone by craze, from children to adults. They are very attractive to look at with their colorful shapes and sizes and wobbling heads; and the best thing about them is that you can have your bobble-head personalized according to your choice. This makes the bobble-head dolls even more special for anyone who owns them.

            Custom Bobble-head dolls have a long past to look into. They are traced back to be commercially made and sold in the 1950s. At that time, the bobble-head dolls were usually made of clay or carved in wood, in simple designs like hula-girls, or animals. Later, as time passed and the bobble-head dolls started gaining more and more popularity, the toy makers increasingly started taking up different subjects to be molded into. They varied from baseball players to cartoon characters which were popular at that time.

            Even today, bobble-head dolls have not lost their popularity and can still be seen often in cars and in homes as part of home-décor. Bobble-head dolls are also popular among kids as well, who love seeing the heads of the dolls wobble when poked. In cars they give a hilarious look whenever the heads of the dolls start wobbling as the car jerks on the road. At homes, they can be tastefully selected and placed at different corners to give a distinct and artistic look. Bobble-heads are also among the most selling gift-items, as they can be chosen according to the person's choice and favorites.

            Owing to the immense popularity of bobble-head dolls, the toy-manufacturing companies now take up diverse subjects for designing these bobble-heads. The usual subjects are:
  • Sports: Everyone likes to keep a memory of their favorite sports star, like posters, photographs, t-shirts and so on. Now, even bobble-heads are being made as look-alikes of the famous sports icons of baseball, basketball, soccer and cricket to name a few.
  • Actors and Movie Stars: Collecting bobble-heads of their favorite actors and actresses is a favorite hobby of most people. These bobble-head dolls are specially designed wearing the same type of clothes that the celebrities often wear or used to wear when they were famous.
  • Cartoon Bobble-heads: Spider-man, Batman, Superman, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scooby Doo, are among the favorites of the children in cartoon characters. Hence, the bobble-head makers have targeted these cartoons to be a subject for their bobble-heads to increase their sales. The cartoon bobble-heads are very popular among children.
  • Christmas Bobble-heads: You can keep up the spirit of Christmas by gifting a bobble-head Santa Claus to someone special in the Christmas basket. The Santa Clauses are made of funny shapes and sizes that are best for spreading a warm smile on the Christmas eve.
  • Custom-made bobbleheads: Owing to the increasing popularity of the bobble-heads, custom bobble head-makers are now taking up ideas from their customers for making them personalized bobble-heads. You just have to give them a specification of body style and a photograph of the person, and they will make you 3D bobblehead that look alike the person in the photo.

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