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On Giving Women Orgasms - Sure Fire Techniques

Most men would be interested on subjects that involve giving women orgasms.
However, it is not a secret that there are some women who are having difficulty achieving orgasm while some had to fake it at some point.
A surprising 70% of women fail to reach orgasm.
Sad but true and if you happen to be one of these women, you would realize that you are not alone.
The thing is that it is not necessary that you fake an orgasm.
With the right techniques and little knowledge on giving women orgasms, you and your partner can work it all out.
Women have orgasm secrets.
One is timing.
A woman's mind and body should be in a state where they can coordinate and work with each other.
It is not enough that the body is willing but the mind is not or vice versus.
It is all about harmony between the mind and body.
For the body to respond, the mind should be open to stimulation.
How do you work on this? Slow down.
Take your time.
Allow the body to keep up with the rhythm instead of being straightforward.
What is a sure fire technique in giving women orgasms? More foreplay and stimulation should do the trick.
It may sound easy enough but it takes a lot more for women to get intensely stimulated.
Be more creative.
Incorporate sexy moves, role playing and communication.
Take your time during foreplay and try new things that can tickle the senses.
Most women get close to orgasm but somehow do not get there.
Therefore, maintain the excitement.
Do not let the sensations plateau.
Keep up with the heat.
Lastly, try to communicate with each other during sex.
Lustful words can do a lot of wonders.
Communicating passionately during sex keeps the fire burning and can lead to a powerful orgasm.
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