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An Overview Of Getting A Retaining Wall In Your Yard

If you have been lucky enough to not have the airlines lose your luggage yet, there is a good chance you will in the future. In 2006, lost and mishandled bags were at an all time high as continued restrictions on carry-on bags and the reduction of baggage personnel resulted in 8 out of every 1000 bags being lost (source, Department of Transportation). We have all either experienced for ourselves the nightmare of losing luggage or heard the horror stories. Here are some suggestions to help minimize the chances of your bag becoming lost.

1.Label your luggage on the outside. Make sure you have both the identification card that came with the luggage filled out and an additional luggage tag on one of handles.

2.Label your luggage on the inside. Fill out an index card with your information and tape it on top of the inside of the bag or try a permanent iron on identification label. Include a copy of your itinerary on top as well so you can be reunited with your bag while travelling.

3.Take a picture of your luggage. Take a photo of your bag with your digital camera or phone and save it. Also print out a copy for your carry-on bag so you can give it to airline personnel should your luggage become lost.

4.Add a distinguishing feature. Add bright tape, ribbons, or a bright strap to your bag. These may come off in transit, to avoid this try a permanent iron-on luggage tag.

5.Remove old tags. Overlooking past destination tags could confuse baggage handlers and send your bag to the wrong location.

6.Check in early. Checking in late may prevent your bags from reaching the plane before the luggage is loaded for departure.

7.Proceed to Baggage Claim. Make sure you are waiting for your bags at the luggage carousel so you can make sure no one else intentionally or unintentionally takes your bag.

8.Be Prepared. Pack a day or two of clothes in your carry-on along with medication and other necessities should your bags be lost. That gives you some essentials until you get your luggage.

9.Split up packed items. If checking more than one bag, split up different belongings into different bags so if one bag is lost, items can be used from the luggage that is not lost.

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