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Use the Starfish Wedding Favors For Your Beach Wedding For a Memorable Seaside Event

When a small girl fantasizes of her dream wedding many times the conclusion is on the beach in the summer time and surrounded by loved ones.
Usually every detail is critiqued down to the bare minimum.
When you think of a beach themed wedding the first thing that comes to most women's minds is the starfish.
But what makes the starfish fit so well into a wedding - besides it being a focal point of a wonderful beach theme? The starfish has some very interesting characteristics that are pretty unique.
A starfish has five arms at any given point in its life.
But one thing to remember about the a starfish, is that if it ever loses an arm it regenerates a new one and in turn actually becoming stronger.
So I suppose one comparison with a newlywed couple could be whenever something happens that could have a detrimental effect on them, they just grow stronger together in the crisis and not allow it to give them a handicap.
That may be why this little wonder of the sea is making it big as ever in starfish wedding favor ideas.
One wonderful idea that I saw in regards to beach wedding decor was setting a tray filled with sand at the entrance to the wedding.
Nestled in the tray were dried starfish with name tags and table numbers tied with pastel colored ribbon.
Be mindful to place a small card next to the tray advising your guests they are real starfish and very fragile.
When your party begins to arrive they simply find their starfish and head to that table.
This is especially a good time saver allowing people to mingle and seat themselves while not feeling pressured to 'stay seated' once shown their table.
There are so many other Starfish Wedding Favors dedicated to the mysterious starfish.
I will give you one more simple yet elegant idea.
While decorating your tables with white table clothes simply place a very small amount of clean sand in the middle of the table in a small pile but spread out.
In the middle of the pile place a starfish and attach the table number to the top of it with the same color of ribbon you used for the name cards.
Set some smaller shells or beautiful rocks in the sand on the sides of the starfish.

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