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Many of the things we do as individuals result from ideas and activities that start with the people closest to us.
If members of our family attend a weekly worship service, chances are you'll find yourself there too.
I can't count the number of times I've gotten talked into 'game night' with friends.
And if a loved one demands dinner and a movie...
well, you get the idea.
Over time, all of those influential ideas and activities can turn into habits.
How many pastimes and rituals do you engage in because of something one of your friends started? I know you hockey game face-painters and Wednesday night book club members know exactly what I'm talking about! Face it:frequently, you are who you hang around! So if you want to obtain monetary wealth, hang out with those people who successfully acquire money and, well--do what they do! Seriously! Don't ditch the old friends or anything like that.
Just make more friends that consistently seem to acquire the kind of money you want for yourself and your family.
Then you won't just get new friends or see the old friends in new ways.
You'll also get some great moneymaking habits.
Now I know some people don't like talking to their 'rich friends' about money.
But be careful with that attitude.
Incidentally, that same shoe fits on the other foot; some people don't like talking to their 'low-income friends' about money either.
But who said anything about talking about money directly anyway? Just make and hang out with friends who always seem to successfully acquire money.
Even though you won't be specifically talking about how to make money, it WILL come up.
For example, let's say Friend A meets Friend B for brunch.
Friend A is wearing a $4,000 suit; Friend B, a $1,000 suit.
"Wow, that's a dapper suit you're wearing there, A," spouts Friend B.
"Look at you--stylin' and profilin'.
I bet you broke the bank on that one!" "Not really," opines Friend A.
"I got it on 9th and 14th.
They're having a sale.
" Later that week, Friend B stops by the men's clothier on 9th and 14th.
Lo and behold, Friend B purchases a used $4,000 suit, has it tailored and fitted--all for a whopping $795.
Now I know what you're thinking:"Yeah right--like THAT ever happens!" You'd be surprised.
Besides, this isn't the point.
Many of the moneymaking secrets out there are only secrets that remain hidden from you.
Get the information you need from those who know.
And don't just get acquainted with people with money; strive to make good friends.
You'll be happier with yourself.
Your friends will be happier with you.
Your kids will laud your newfound levels of coolness.
(Well, I might be pushing it on that one.
) And who knows! You might even get an idea from a 'rich friend' that you can modify to "suit" your needs, making their idea even better.
Happy Friend-Making! (c) 2006, Redd Letter Law.
All Rights Reserved.

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