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Diamonds Are Everlasting

Diamonds are very old precious stones available on the earth, formed long before the existence of dinosaurs.
The oldest available diamond is 3.
2 billion years old and the youngest one is around 800 years old.
There can never be any kind of similarity between the two diamonds.
The word Jewelry derived from a Greek word Adamas which means unattainable.
Diamonds are available in many different colors, and the rarest of all the diamonds is the red diamond which was first time mined in India.
At present certain diamonds are known for their unbelievable histories, the well known Kohinoor Diamond is one of them.
Diamonds fascinate the people around the globe and are considered to be the decisive symbol of affection.
The diamonds scarcity and usual beauty have made it a surprising gift.
A diamond's value depends upon 4 C's i.
Cut, clearness, color and carat.
There are 7 standard diamond shapes in general used for Jewelry, these are - marquise, round, emerald, pear, princess, oval and heart.
The trendiest design in diamond jewelry is the diamond stone studded in platinum.
The clarity of the stone is a pictogram of a new beginning.
The other trend in the market is the renewal of traditional cut diamonds like the cushion cut.
De-rigueur is the square princess cut diamonds which are studded in engagement rings and earrings.
The diamonds available in Square cut give a contemporary touch to pendants, bands and drop earrings.
Conventionally the diamonds of one carat have grown to three or four carats and even beyond but now the trend has changed to a great extent.
If one is fond of this precious stone and gets fascinated by them then dazzling and sparkling diamonds are now available in varied colors in the showrooms.
The diamonds can now be found in more trendy patterns in the world of jewelry in different colors.
Bright yellow, rich reds, pinks, deep blues and glorious greens are some of the few colors in which one can find these precious stones they are referred as fancy color diamond stones.
Solitaire Necklace is among those few jewelry pieces that can take away your breath and leave you captivated.
It looks so graceful and attractive that it drives the attention of many.
The Diamond Solitaire Necklaces are one of the most traditional and enduring designs - it is strikingly beautiful and well-designed.
This is a kind of a temptation for girls and they always have a want for it.

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