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Flashing Red Lights on Xbox 360? Finally, a Solution!

Finally, a solution to the flashing red lights on your Xbox 360 With a new game in hand, you eagerly turn on your Xbox 360, turn towards your TV, and ...
There is no picture on the screen.
With a sense of dread, you recall the horror stories you had recently read about the Red Ring of Death.
Fearfully, you look back at your Xbox 360 game console, and cringe when you are faced with a set of three flashing lights.
Trying to keep your cool, the first thing you do is unplug the system, let it sit a minute, and plug it back in.
When this doesn't work, you fight off the sense of impending doom that looms on your horizon.
Looking around in a slight panic, you think, "Maybe it's the television.
" Clinging to that last thread of hope, you throw yourself up the stairs with the console in hand in search of another television.
Plugging it in, you are again faced with those three flashing lights.
What's a gamer to do? There are several ways to go about a solution for flashing red lights on your Xbox 360.
First, you could send it in to Microsoft to fix the flashing red lights on your Xbox 360.
But that means you'll have to pay for shipping there and back - a sometimes expensive trip.
Then, you'll be stuck without your console as you wait impatiently through the endless weeks it takes for Microsoft to repair it.
Even better, chances are you would get it back only to have it present with the exact same devastating error in the following months.
This is due to the fact that Microsoft usually repairs something by simply replacing the faulty parts with ones of the same caliber, rather than actually fixing the design flaw that causes it in the first place.
Thankfully, there is another solution.
Finally there is a solution to flashing red lights on your Xbox 360.
There are now Xbox 360 repair kits available online.
These kits were designed by gamers who have also fallen prey to the ominous Red Ring of Death, and figured out how to fix it.
The kit comes with all the supplies and instructions you'll need to repair your Xbox 360 console.
The cost? Less than $20.
00 American, including shipping fees.
The time it takes to repair? About an hour.
If you can put toast in a toaster (and figure out how to turn it on), then chances are you can repair your Xbox 360 in no time at all.

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