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Most Popular Tvs Bikes In India With Prices

Indian automobile market has never been with one or two brands of bikes or car or any other vehicles. There have always been uncountable brands with millions of vehicle products doing business on the platform. As in earlier period, when India"s financial status was not that much well-to-do, then also, there was no lacking of vehicle products and now, as economic condition has been upgraded and increment in per capita income has additionally occurred, then, there must not be any sort of gloomy news in the Automobile Business world. Best returns are expected with each product gets launched.

Rain of Bikes in Indian Market

Over the years, innumerous bikes got sold in Indian Market and the success compelled some of influential leading foreign automobile companies to get opened up with individual manufacturing units in India too. By today, there are numbers of foreign motorcycle ventures in India, doing best in the business and encouraging others who are lingering behind to get set on India"s earth.

Craze for bikes in Indian market has started taking place maximum couple of decades ago. Throughout these years, the way production of bikes started taking place, has left other leading countries gazing at the upward rising business graph. One after another is just ready to come up with new versions of respective bikes and serve its customers with utmost satisfaction. Besides, there has always been pending demands from customers" side also for updates and advancements in the technical specifications of any particular bike.

Increment in the Knowledge of Bikes" Specifications

Over the years, bikers have become aware of many emerging technologies through studies on Internet, occurring in all the developed countries. Hence, such results have been obvious too. Apart from foreign bike manufacturers in India, there are around 8-9 India-based Bike manufacturers, who are leading business in other countries also, for top class products. One of them is TVS Moto Company.

On today"s market, this company"s products are making the best returns to the company. Customers have got swollen up in size; likings have touched the ultimate roof of gratification. Ever-since their launch in the market, many shuffling versions have come and gone, but this year it has received the greatest responses from its respective customers. Because, customers get to experience the advancement in the technical specification and modification in bikes" looks have occurred in true sense. That is why; this company is celebrating their success with some more plannings for much advancement in the specifications and upgrades in the appearance. To highlight its products: go through the below mentioned Tvs bikes List of this particular product:

1.TVS Victor 125:

"Engine Displacement: 124.5cc
"Mileage: 70-75 Km/L
"Max. Power: 9.60 Bhp. And Max. Torque: 9.50 Nm.
"Price: Rs.50,000

2.Tvs Sport 100:

"Engine Displacement: 99.7cc.
"Mileage: 87.3 Km/L
"Max. Power: 7.37 Bhp and Max. Torque: 7.5 Nm
"Price. Rs. 40,375

3.Tvs Wego:

"Engine Specifications: 109.7cc
"Mileage: N/A
"Max. Power: 8 Bhp. And Max. Torque: 8 Nm
"Price Rs. 46,170

4.Tvs Apache RTR 160:

"Engine Displacement: 159.7cc
"Mileage: N/A
"Max. Power: 11.19 KW and Max. Torque: 13.1 Nm
"Price Rs. 71,400

This has been a clear-cut snapshot of TVS Bikes in India. In comparison to these bikes" features, prices are not so high. Tvs bike prices are quite affordable to each class of people, even. Hence, better to make your move faster.

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