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Nikon Coolpix L120 Offers Superb Zoom and Other Exciting Features

Nikon Coolpix L120 is a new camera that is gaining popularity for its powerful zoom.
It offers 21x wide-angle optical zoom that enables you to take extreme close-up pictures.
The zoom lens has 25-525 mm range equivalent and it simplifies the way you capture objects at great distances.
For beginners, there is a feature called the Five-way VR Image Stabilization.
It helps prevent blurry images due to movement.
The superb zoom is not the only feature that this product has to offer.
There are many other key features to help photographers capture the perfect images.
· HD Movie Recording With the Coolpix L120, you can record a movie easily.
Only by pressing the record button, you are able to record 720p videos.
When recording, it is also possible to activate the zoom function.
Thus, you can do close-up shots as well.
The movie that you have recorded can be played on an HDTV or computer.
· High Speed Mode Capturing a fast-moving object is not a big problem with this camera.
The Coolpix L120 offers a wide range of ISO speeds up to 6400 which enables you to capture a fast-moving object perfectly.
To make the images look better, you can use the in-camera editing functions.
The D-Lighting feature enables you to choose five different color adjustments such as Cyanotype, Black, Vivid, and more.
· Smile Timer This is a smart feature that every photographer will love.
The Smile Timer is able to detect when a person smiles and it will capture image automatically.
This camera also offers Blink Warning that will warn you when the object has blinked.
Thus you have a chance to retake the photo and get more perfect image.
· Bright LCD Color Display The Coolpix L120 is also equipped with a 3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 921,000 dots.
The LCD screen also has an anti-glare coating which enables you to see the display clearly even under direct sunlight.
· Ease-of-use This new camera is easy to operate and it offers a comfortable hand grip.
Thus you can hold the camera conveniently when pressing the shutter.
The Coolpix L120 is definitely an improvement of its predecessor, Coolpix L110.
There are enough new features on this camera that will help you produce better images.
The 21x Wide-Angle Optical Zoom, greater resolution and the bright LCD screen are some innovations that will please photographers.
The image quality is good especially if you want to print the photos in large size.

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