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How to Breed Trapdoor Snails

    • 1). Set up a basic freshwater tank with gravel and aquatic plants. Fill with dechlorinated water. You can dechlorinate tap water by leaving it in a bucket for 24 hours. Alternatively, use a dechlorinator from an aquarium supply store.

    • 2). Introduce several trapdoor snails. To ensure you have at least one male and one female, buy five or more snails.

    • 3). Feed the snails on a high quality fish food intended for omnivorous fish. Goldfish flakes are suitable. After a while, algae will become established in the tank but the snails still need supplemental food.

    • 4). Feed the juvenile snails on the same diet as the adults.

    • 5). Conduct partial water changes once a week. Remove about one-tenth to one-fifth of the water with gravel cleaner and bucket and replace with fresh dechlorinated water.

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