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Using the Right Map - 3 Routes That Will Bring Your Man to You

Is there a guy you can't get off your mind? Are you consumed by the thought of making him fall in love with you? What can you do to make him see you're the perfect girl for him? If you're completely lost as most women are, don't get discouraged; here is a map, containing three routes, which will bring your man to you.
Route 1: Let him Appreciate the Real You · Make a guy appreciate your charming personality.
No man can live only on sex; sex is extremely low in minerals and vitamins which are required to support a healthy relationship.
· Always be you; you should only dress up at Halloween or for a costume party.
He is going to fall for you simply because of the way you make his heart feel, not because of how you're dressed or your pretend interests.
If he finds out you've been lying about who you are, can you really expect him to believe you love him? After all, you are a liar.
Route 2: Establish a Connection with Him · If you have a couple who have been married for fifty years, and you ask them how they did it, they will tell you it hasn't been easy.
What has kept them in love all these years is their friendship.
Friendship is one of the main routes to take to bring your man to you.
· The connection you establish with him will provide the foundation for a long lasting relationship.
You can learn more about what makes him special to you as well as his annoying habits that drive you will drive you lovingly, mad.
A growing friendship allows him to learn the same about you.
Your honesty about yourself and your hopes for the relationship will be something he respects; he will always know that he can count on you to be sincere.
Route 3: Delay Your Physical Gratification · Sex can overshadow everything else in a relationship.
When it eclipses the emotional bond between you and your man, your relationship is in danger.
· Establishing a link with him should be your top priority.
The knowledge of what makes him happy and what makes him cry (yes guys do cry!) is invaluable; you should also not be afraid to tell him what makes your heart beat faster.
If neither of you is focusing on sex, your emotional bond will develop rapidly, and then you and your spouse may be sitting back reminiscing on fifty fantastic years.
If you follow these three routes, you will create a mesmerizing force that no man can ignore, and without resistance but with unalterable affection, he'll be coming to you.

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