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Making Money From Sales Letters

Today you don't even need an office to establish a moneymaking enterprise.
On the web, all you really need is an adequate presence, a steady stream of qualified traffic, and a persuasive sales letter.
Of course, it's fundamental to have a top quality product and to direct your message to an identifiable market segment.
But that's the case with any business you start - online of offline.
The foundational key to marketing success is to help people solve their problems or satisfy their desires.
When you give them what they want, you immediately attract attention and interest because that's what your prospects are already thinking about -- and magnetically drawn towards.
Some people simply don't have the time to learn new skills.
Others could not be bothered mastering the ins and outs of persuasive copywriting.
Still others don't think they have the language skills to craft a moneymaking sales letter.
That's why copywriters exist...
to serve these people.
Reading and memorizing your copywriting skill will help somewhat.
But the real gains are made only by applying these ideas in the world of online marketing.
Look, the simple fact is...
if you can carry on a conversation with a friend ...
you can write a letter.
And if you've ever had to convince somebody to 'buy' into your point of view -- you know what it takes to sell.
It takes passion, belief, enthusiasm, and persuasion.
Successful sales letters influence and persuade in a friendly, one-on-one, conversational manner.
Traditional copywriting is essentially "salesmanship in print".
Online it's more like "salesmanship in pixels".
Though many serious prospects will print out your letter for easier reading, it first appears as nothing more than a collection of pixels on the prospect's computer screen.
Anyone can learn to write an effective online sales letter.
It makes no difference what your background is - you could be a professional, tradesman, author, inventor, hobbyist, or homemaker.
What does matter is that you have identified a hungry market and have a quality product -- one that offers buyers the help they seek to make life better in some way.
Why Write Your Own Sales Letters? No one else understands your product the way you do.
If you've been in business for a while, or you've spent months in product development, chances are you know everything there is to know about your product.
For someone else to gain this kind of intimate knowledge -- it would take months, perhaps even years.
You already have the knowledge and first-hand experience.
This gives you an obvious advantage from the start.
You'll save time and money by transferring your 'inside information' into appealing copy, rather than have someone else first do the in-depth research for you.

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