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The Benefits of Saltwater Pools

    • Saltwater pools, otherwise known as saline pools, are increasing in popularity. Not only are saltwater swimming pools more environmentally friendly than a chlorine pool, but they have a host of other benefits associated with them. Once you know some of the benefits of saltwater pools, you can decide whether you want one installed in your yard.

    Less Irritants

    • Saltwater swimming pools don't use the chemicals that a regular swimming pool does. So, when you swim in a saltwater pool, it doesn't dry out or irritate your skin or hair. In fact, many people find that the salt actually softens the skin and hair. Additionally, saline pools are less likely to cause irritation to the eyes.

    Save Money on Chemicals

    • Initially, the investment to convert your pool to saltwater, or the cost to install a saltwater swimming pool, is fairly pricey. However, over time you spend less money on pool chemicals with a saltwater pool than you would with a traditional pool.

    Steady Chlorination

    • Saltwater swimming pools use a small amount of chlorine. However, they require far less and they are designed to keep a consistent level of chlorine at all times. This means that no sudden dump of chlorine is required. A saltwater pool has a chlorine generator that produces it own chlorine and circulates it at a steady rate.

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