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Pretty Green Clothing: Liam Gallagher"s Clothing Range

Pretty Green is a fashion label that was created by and is overseen by Liam Gallagher.
The full name of Liam Gallagher is William John Paul Liam Gallagher.
He is also a musician and songwriter that is based in England, his most famous of musical endeavors was his time with Manchester rock band Oasis.
When Gallagher introduced his clothing line, his music fans were very interested in them, especially as it wasn't long after the introduction of the label when Oasis officially came to and end.
Although it is fair to say that ex-Oasis fans had a prior interest in buying the clothing, it is also fair to say that since its launch Gallagher's clothing range has grown at an admirable pace and has earned the respect of the rest of the industry and the fashion-buying public.
Pretty Green offers two collections under its name: Green Label and Black Label.
The Green label offers casual clothing that is suitable for everyday wear; casual designs for casual encounters.
The Black label collection offers clothing that celebrates, re-imagines and re-creates the classic designs from Britain's fashion Heritage, as well as giving a much more elegant look.
Only the finest fabrics are used to create the clothing in the Black Label collection.
The entire range of Pretty Green clothing is famous for the attention of detail that goes into its garments, both Green and Black label.
Pretty Green offers several types of clothing including Jersey polo shirts, button-down polo shirts, parkas, jackets, crew neck tees, and cardigans.
The Jersey polo shirts can be found in either short or long sleeved styles.
It has horizontal stripes designed with multiple colours.
The Pretty Green black parka jacket has a drawstring hood.
The design of the black parka is derived from the classic parka.
Their GP jacket (General Purpose jacket, a throwback to Militaristic slang, this one from the Royal Air Force members) includes the embroidered Pretty Green logo badge, full buttons and a very stylish red stripe.
The Pretty Green bomber jacket is a stylish jacket that is inspired by the very distinct designs of the American Bomber jackets.
It is lightweight and very flexible without compromising on the warmth of a traditional bomber jacket.
The jacket also has fitted macro-cuffs, the macro-fastenings of these have military-style designs.
The front pockets use the traditional zipper (or zip-fly) fastening, as opposed to the button-fly.
The bomber jacket is available in blue, white and black colours and comes with reinforced elbow patches.
Customers can buy Pretty Green clothing from their local fashion boutique stores or from leading independent retailers over the internet.
It can also be found in department stores, but Indy shoppers get their Indy labels from Indy boutiques, not chain behemoths! Indy boutiques get the best selection of clothing from Indy labels and offer the clothing at the best price.
These "Mom'n'Pop" stores can be found in most big towns and cities and are often available online too.

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