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Last Longer in Bed Techniques - How to Last a Few Minutes Longer

Last longer in bed techniques are something that many men seek.
Very few men are able to last longer than seven minutes.
Lasting longer than ten minutes may happen on occasion.
However, the best men that are able to please their women can get up to twenty minutes with the correct combination of foreplay, similar orgasms and other ways in which the experience is enjoyable to all.
Some people think that to last longer in bed there needs to be multiple partners such as an orgy; however, this is not the case as this can be achieved with the standard two people.
The partners that know the ways in which one can last longer in bed have an array of techniques in which they can last in bed and make the experience satisfying.
There are so many positions that count as techniques in which a man can last longer in bed with a woman that he is bent on pleasing.
There are so many positions that many people prefer.
One of the most famous positions is the missionary position, which can be enjoyed with both partners.
However, one position that many men insist on is the doggy style position because it is extremely stimulating for the man, and not as much for the woman.
In this position, the woman is bent over and is under the pressure of the man as he inserts his penis into the vagina from an exterior view.
This way allows the man to get an immense amount of satisfaction but at the same time it does not allow the woman to get the amount of sensual interaction that she desires.
A technique that would allow the man to last longer in bed with the woman is a slight alteration of this position.
In that position, the man usually enters the vagina and continually thrusts until he reaches his peak or orgasm and this happens rather quickly.
The man can instead push the penis into the vagina until the ejaculation period is coming rather quickly for the man, then the man can pull out quickly in order to save the ejaculation for a later time.
Another way is by pushing the penis into the vagina by a circular motion.
This makes it more fun for the female and also lets her enjoy some as the man's ejaculation is delayed.
Another position that can serve as an effective technique to helping one last longer in bed is the sixty nine position.
The sixty nine require both bodies to be on top of each other but in an upside down manner.
The man's mouth will be on the vagina and the woman's will be on the penis.
Then as each partner stimulates each other, they receive satisfaction and it also delays the orgasms of both partners.
Knowing these positions and techniques that allow for one to last longer in bed is the first step to longer lasting and effective.
The only remaining thing is the application and that is the fun part.

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