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The Duties of Poll Workers

    Prepare the Precinct

    • Poll workers arrive early in the morning before the polls open to ready the polls. This may include setting up the voting equipment and distributing the election supplies amongst the poll workers.

    Greet Voters

    • Poll workers are generally the first ones to greet incoming voters. They welcome voters to the polling place and answer any questions voters might have upon arriving.

    Help Voters Sign In

    • Poll workers assist voters in signing in at the polling place. They may ask voters to show identification or provide other identifying information such as date of birth and full name.

    Check Voter Registration

    • Poll workers ensure that voters are properly registered before voting. They check the voter registration each voter brings to the polling place. In the event that a voter is at the wrong precinct, they help the voter determine which precinct he or she needs to go to.

    Provide Ballots to Users

    • Poll workers provide the necessary ballots to voters. Voters often have a choice between a paper ballot or using the electronic voting machines.

    Assist with Voting Machines

    • Poll workers provide instructions on how to use the voting machines. They may also help the voters at the actual voting machines if voters encounter difficulties.

    Close the Precinct

    • Once the polls have closed, the poll workers help to close the precinct. This includes gathering the election materials that need to be transported, shutting down voting equipment and cleaning up the polling place.

    Deliver Election Materials

    • Some poll workers may be responsible for delivering the election materials to the appropriate elections office or return center.

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