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In the global market, many people have the opportunity to choose a career of their interest.
They work towards a career in medicine, engineering, information technology and journalism, among a host of others.
There are professional courses in mass communication and journalism that prepare writers for newspapers, magazines and television.
There are many who pursue a career in writing books, poetry, short stories and autobiographies.
On account of time constraints, rejections and other reasons there are many people who get dissuaded from writing, as a career.
Most writers stop writing before they have a chance to discover their ability.
There are many publishing agencies that require writers for their books, magazines and newspapers and gives an opportunity to people to freelance or ghost write.
Internet provides a rewarding career for writers, to introduce their writing skills in different fields.
Many commercial companies want their products to be advertised in the best possible manner.
There is an increasing competition in the job market and this has given many the status of a commodity that needs to be marketed properly.
There are resume writers who write interesting resumes to establish a communication between the candidate and the employer.
They cover the personal interest and objectives of candidates, besides their academic qualifications.
It helps to convince employers that the candidate can easily fit into the job profile.
There are ghostwriters who assist established writers by providing readable literature.
Freelancers are writers who have a flair for writing on any topic and take up any project on a contractual or part-time basis.
It can be pursued from home, giving the writer the convenience of meeting other household commitments.
The technical writers are designated as consultants.
They usually prefer to write only in their spare time and may not make writing a full-time profitable indulgence.

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