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2008 Memorials to Special Cats: Bella Girl

Bella Girl was spotted by my needy eyes at the San Francisco SPCA's Special Behavior Department when she was merely 6 weeks old. The minute I saw her, hissing righteously, I knew a match between two tough girls was made. Despite the staff's urging to finding a 'better cat' we went home and she became my Best Girl. Bella's approval was not an abundant flow but a methodical discern of her deep psyche.

She judged, and then gave. I was her lucky recipient and she was mine. Her solid disposition brought new perspectives to my goofy one, and vice versa. I teased her a lot while she pretended to be annoyed only to greet me at my pillow every morning and night. As her new little brother Roka arrived when she was only one years old, she slapped him around a bit and graciously took care of him at all times.
She was only six and a half when she passed, which she did very quickly. Perhaps a blessing for both of us with only enough time to say goodbye for now. She was my girl, my teacher and her own lady. I sang her favorite songs as she took off and I can't help but continue to sing to the million empty spaces she left behind. We were lucky to have found each other.

I love you Bella Bubella. Maca Kata. Katona Klari. Csucsori Szaju. Morci Lany (She loved Hungarian!!!)

Imadlak! (I adore you) -------------------

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