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Wheelchairs are designed, keeping in mind the specific needs of disabled persons.
They could be operated manually or maybe motorized or electric versions.
They provide mobility to people who may be paralyzed or are dealing with compromised muscle movement.
Wheelchairs allow the users to lead an independent and confident life, as they are able to continue performing their daily chores, without much help from others.
Apart from mobility in and around the house, people can easily carry them to other locations in their vehicles.
Wheelchair ramps make this movement possible.
A wheelchair ramp is easy to assemble and provides a platform that is similar to a roadway or an inclined surface.
Once connected, the users only need to roll the wheelchair along the length of the ramp, to reach the other level.
This eliminates the need for physically loading and unloading the wheelchair, which may at times be impossible.
Wheelchairs ramps are available in varying width and length.
It is important to find a ramp that can accommodate the wheelchair.
They are easy to install and fold.
Wheelchair ramps may even be fitted with inbuilt steps to offer optimum protection, when mounting or dismounting.
They can be attached to the rear or side door of a vehicle.
Many users consider them to be a reasonably priced alternative to wheelchair lifts.
It is important to find a variety that has a skid resistance surface.
They are available in various metals and aluminum blends that are easy to maintain and clean.
People may select from permanent and semi-permanent wheelchair ramps.
They are installed with the help of bolts and rivets that can be easily taken apart.
Some people opt for portable ramps that are available in folded or rolled varieties.
These compact ramps can be carried in special cases and used anywhere.

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