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Meetiyagoda Moonstone Mine- Visit to a village blessed by the Moon

Sri Lanka once known as ‘Ratnadeepa' or ‘Island of Gems' is recognized for its fabulous range of precious and semi precious stones such as blue sapphire, ruby, topaz, garnet, tourmaline and moonstone. While Ratnapura is the gem mining centre of Sri Lanka, Meetiyagoda which is a small city situated towards down south between Amalangoda and Hikkaduwa is known for moonstone mining. Although it belongs to the semi precious category of stones, moonstones are an important part of the gem industry in Sri Lanka.

Moonstones are generally light bluish, grey and white in colour. If you visit Meetiyagoda moonstone mine, do not miss to go down inside the deep narrow mines to see the way it is mined. It is one of the very rare spots where you can find moonstones and at the same time experience the way it is done. The villagers believe that their village is blessed by the moon. Meetiyagoda Moonstone mine now functions partly as a tourist trap due to the increased enthusiasm of the foreign visitors. They have created few special mines as tourist attractions to serve this purpose and to promote this industry among the locals and foreigners.

Your moonstone mine expedition will begin with a brief trip to the shaft where the mining methods are explained. Then you can watch how the moonstones are separated and washed from the gravelly soil and waste. Next there will be a demonstration on the method of stones being cut and polished. The final march will be to the handy jewelry store and the small visitors' reception centre at the Meetiyagoda mine itself. From there you can purchase elegantly designed jewellery created using moonstones and gather information related to this industry.

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