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Family Theater in San Francisco

When you're in San Francisco, theater should definitely be at the top of your family's to-do list.
There are so many theatrical options for families - even those with young children.
There's really nothing like watching a live performance, so it's definitely something you'll want your kids to experience from a young age.
Plus, making a night of dinner and a play or musical as a family will leave your kids with some truly unique childhood memories.
Here are just a couple places to find family theater in San Francisco: Children's Theater Association of San Francisco The Children's Theater Association of San Francisco puts on performances in the Frances Gould Theater in the Museum of the Legion of Honor.
It pays to be a museum member here, since you can get a discount on your theater tickets! The plays and musicals put on by the CTASF are probably one of the best ways to introduce younger children to the theater.
This is because tickets are quite affordable - just $12 each for Saturday performances, and free for children who can sit in your lap for the duration of the show.
Plus, the shows are only an hour long, which means that even children who are preschool age can enjoy them without getting too restless.
Many of the performances put on by this association are of classic fairy tales and fables.
Recent performances from the past include Beauty and the Beast, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, and Rumplestiltskin.
Other performances are based on more recent works, including Stuart Little, Alice in Wonderland, and the Wizard of Oz.
This theater also hosts Songbirds, a chorale of women who sing classical and fun songs from the past at many performances.
The Songbirds do some performances that are family-friendly, although they aren't geared just toward kids like the Children's Theater Association shows are.
It's definitely worth your while to check out this association, which offers some of the best kid-centered theater in the Bay Area! San Francisco Children's Musical Theater This is another San Francisco theater that's geared solely for kids and families, which makes it a great place to be.
The theater is first and foremost a way of educating kids in the performing arts, and it has plenty of programs for kids of all ages.
The theater accepts children from all over the Bay Are in its auditions, and most children are cast in its plays and musicals, which turn out to be excellent performances.
For your children to participate in a performance, you have to commit to Saturday rehearsals, and you also have to pay necessary fees.
There are fees that underwrite the cost of the production, and each family is responsible for paying for its own costumes, as well.
Besides this, each family is responsible for selling twenty-five tickets to the show, which isn't normally a problem at all.
The San Francisco Children's Musical Theater is also a fun outing for kids who don't necessarily want to be involved on the actual stage.
Just going to a musical that's for kids and by kids can be a great deal of fun for the whole family.
This theater does many different shows in a season, so your family can certainly find one that everyone will absolutely love.

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