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Guide in Choosing a Philippine BPO Company

Guide in Choosing a Philippine BPO Company

If you're a small to medium sized business owner or entrepreneur that is currently looking for a Philippine call center or BPO company to handle anything from outbound lead generation, appointment settings or collections to inbound customer service and support, then look no further to the country that is officially becoming known to the outsourcing industry as a destination of choice for outsourcing.

Even though it is not a new in the country's industry, the Philippine call center market place has become more and more successful and grown vast over the last four or five years as it has become noticeable that the Indian outsourcing phenomenon is slowing down due to the poor quality of voice support. The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world and therefore produces the best non-native English speaking workers you can find today.

Call centers began to overtake the manufacturing sector in the volume of outsourcing opportunities throughout the mid-90s. The major customers were American firms that were eliminating expenditures. Technical service had been carefully relocated to Indian providers due to the nation's massive pool of computer talent. Customer support and product sales services from BPO companies had moreover followed suit. During 1994, the Philippine authorities instituted infrastructural and financial improvements to help improve the rewards of foreign traders to make use of the country's labor pool. A part of that drive involved developments on the local IT industry. Two years after, a number of firms started to shift a part of their information entry functions into the country.

Most Philippine call center companies operate in major cities and offer outstanding infrastructure and management support. Although there are several hundred smaller call centers that operate between twenty to fifty seats for people, these companies have a resources they can use to start with. However it is not advisable to grow with small companies like these as their infrastructures usually does not contain any kind of contingency set up in the wake of natural disasters or poor internet connections.

Below are guidelines that will help you in choosing a Philippine BPO company:
  1. Be sure to select a company that is more than just one or two years old. This shows stability in a remarkably fast growing industry. So you'll know that they're not only profitable, but they legitimately have their act together overall.
  2. Be sure to work with a Philippine call center that has some type of foreign management whether it is American, European or Australian. Locally managed call centers be likely to be the fastest to close down due to of clients not being happy with their management system.
  3. If you're prospective outsourcing partner cannot provide you good quality references then steer away from them and find somebody that can.

So in conclusion while looking for your Philippine call center partner or a Virtual Assistant Team, keep those three major tips in mind and make sure you do your due diligence in finding the right people and the right company to work with.

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