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Bamboo Growing on the Florida Panhandle

    • 1). Select a site for your bamboo plant that offers well-draining soil and either full sun or light shade. Runner bamboos will spread rapidly--making for nice privacy fences--so they will need a lot of room to grow. Clumping bamboos, which don't spread as rapidly, can be integrated into the garden bed. In Florida, bamboo can be planted any time of year.

    • 2). Dig a hole for your bamboo plant that is just as deep as the plant's root ball and slightly wider. Jab your shovel at the sides and bottom of the hole, and at the soil in a 1 foot circle around the hole.

    • 3). Place 2 inches of mulch in the bottom of your hole. Spread the mulch around the 1-inch circle where you jabbed your shovel. Mulch provides your bamboo with enough nutrients to get started.

    • 4). Pull your bamboo from its container and place it in the hole. Fill in the hole with dirt to finish planting. Water the transplanted bamboo until the ground becomes saturated.

    • 5). Give your bamboo 5 gallons of water twice a week for every week thereafter, unless you receive sufficient rainfall instead.

    • 6). Dig an 8-inch deep trench around running bamboo to keep it from spreading someplace it isn't wanted. Fill in the trench with rocks for a decorative garden accent, or leave it open. Check on the bamboo twice a year to see if bamboo has sprouted on the other side of the trench. Cut stalks that have jumped the trench back to the ground and continue to do so thereafter. This will keep your running bamboo spreading where it's wanted and not where it's unwanted.

    • 7). Fertilize your plants during the growing season with 10-10-10 fertilizer, using the recommended dose range for the size of your plants. Move mulch away from the base of the plants. Combine fertilizer with water and pour the mix over your plants to disperse nutrients. Then push the mulch back into place.

    • 8). Re-apply mulch once or twice a year, since it breaks down quickly in Florida's climate.

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