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Lobsters are a seafood delicacy and are considered quite easy to cook.
While they can be boiled or grilled, they are also delicious when just broiled or steamed.
For cooking them, you need to get hold of a large stockpot and some good recipes to turn out exotic lobster dishes! First you must ensure that you get a good quality lobster, preferably live.
Then cook within prescribed time limits according to the weight of the lobster.
For example, if boiling a lobster, it is recommended to boil it for 10 minutes for the first pound weight and 3 minutes each for subsequent pounds.
So a 2-pound lobster needs to be boiled for 13 minutes.
Cooking a lobster longer than the recommended times can make the meat too tough to eat.
But when properly cooked, lobster meat is a creamy white and shells are bright red.
There are many ways to prepare and garnish this seafood and one can get easily confused as to which recipe to pick up first.
It is better to start with an easy recipe first and slowly go on to try a little complicated lobster dishes.
There is a lot of variety that can be churned out using lobsters, like lobster bisque, sauce, bakes, rolls, salads and stews.
They can be made in American, Italian or Chinese flavors, depending on your taste.
Some of the well known recipes of lobsters include chopped vegetable and lobster salad, grilled lobster with barbecue mayonnaise, lobster club sandwich, lobster pizza, lobster and white bean salad, lobster tails with Thai curry, hot and sour soup with lobster dumplings, lobster with coconut, corn and lemongrass.
Whatever recipe you select, you can surely get succulent and delicious dish of lobsters.
It is very important to present the prepared lobster dish properly since the lobster is not the Adonis of the ocean.
So its appearance should be made attractive and appealing enough to relish the dish and get the praise it deserves.
To prepare lobster, you can get hold of a good lobster recipe book or search on the Internet to find numerous savoring recipes of lobsters!

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