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20 Romantic Birthday Ideas That Will Make Your Man Fall Deeper In Love

  1. Cookhim a romantic dinner.
    Fix hisfavorite meal and light some candles.
  2. Buysome sexy new lingerie and give him a night he will never forget.
  3. Actout one of his favorite fantasies, especially if it's one you have neverdone before.
  4. Lethim plan the entire day.
    Go to eatat his favorite restaurant, watch his favorite movie, and generally lethim make all the decisions for once.
  5. Feedhim melted chocolate or ice cream in bed as a prelude to sex.
  6. Buyhim something you know he will really like.
    Yes, this sounds obvious, but a manreally appreciates it when you go out of your way to get him something hewants.
  7. Bakehim a cake.
    Like cooking dinner, itsays a lot when you take the time to bake him something.
  8. Makehim a gift.
    If you take the time tomake him something special, it means so much more than if you simply buyit.
  9. Sendhim something romantic to his workplace.
    Maybe a bouquet of flowers isn't right, but a balloon or even asilly singing telegram may be just the thing.
  10. Makehim a card.
    If you don't think youhave the talent to make him a gift, make him a card instead.
    The time and thought you put into itwill show him how much you care.
  11. Dancewith him.
    Even it if just in themiddle of your living room, a slow dance on his birthday can be veryromantic.
  12. Makehim a book of romantic coupons that he can redeem anything throughout theyear.
  13. Ifhe likes surprises, plan a surprise party for him.
  14. Have a picnic in your backyard or in your bedroom.
    Think outside the box -- picnics do not have to take place in parks.
  15. Renta romantic movie and snuggle with him on the couch.
    Even if he 's not into the film, he willbe into the cuddling.
  16. Dosomething that is uniquely yours as a couple.
  17. Makeplans to take him out to the venue of your first date.
  18. Lethim have a night out with the guys.
    He will appreciate the thoughtfulness, and most likely, he willcome home early to be with you.
  19. Surprisehim by showing up at his workplace and taking him out for lunch.
  20. Finally,wrap yourself up in your favorite lingerie and wait for him in the bedroomfor him to get home.
    Be sure to setthe mood with soft music and scented candles.

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