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Why Good Advice on Dating a Teen is Esential

A teen is like a young sapling, handle with tender loving care or else it will break. A teen is a volatile person, vulnerable to mood swings, tantrums and also rebellious. Teenage years are the most turbulent in a human being's growth and development. There are so many hormonal changes taking place in teen's body that sometimes greatly affect the teen. It is a stage between childhood and adulthood. A teen is sometimes confused on whether to be an adult or a child. When soliciting advice on dating a teen, understand the psychological imbalance of this young person. A teen keeps on transforming so regularly you might fail to understand the teen yourself.

Do not assume you will have the teen feeding from your palm. The teen might be a bigger fish to fry than you had anticipated. A teen is never short of bad tricks, you will never know what is up his/her sleeve this time. Remember this is a person in a critical stage of development in life. Be prepared of surprises and they will be many I assure you. In advice on dating a teen have an open mind and do not place your expectations so high. Have a flexibility of mind and soul and be prepared for any judgement arising from your association with a teen.

Handle yourself with care and dignity. Treat the teen with a lot of tenderness but at the same time be firm. Be a person who oozes self esteem and confidence especially when in the company of this teen. Don't mind even if you will be pretending. Have a wide knowledge of various topics. Endear yourself to the teen and be a source of strength and inspiration to this young mind. Actually what you are driving at here in advice on dating a teen, is to create an image for yourself. Create an impression and in the eyes of this young sapling you are a role model. Having come this far on advice dating a teen, drive towards your goal and drive hard. Your goal here is to create an image. Play your role perfectly and the moment the teen visualizes you as a role model consider it a breakthrough. You will be treated like a semi-god by your teen. The teens world will be revolving around you. The teen will be there at the beckon of your small finger.

Do not sit back and relax in bliss after achieving this feat. With a teen you are never guaranteed that you are out of the woods yet. A teen is like a small child, you must keep it interested otherwise it might lose interest in you. Keep the teen on an excitement mode always. In advice on dating a teen, the young mind can be molded into something good and can get better with age. A teen is like clay that is waiting for a sculptor to model it into shape. This is possible with a careful analysis of the teen, likes and dislikes, patience and resilience.

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