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There is no easy way to slim down.
Basically it all boils down to consuming less calories than burning energy.
You need to eat less calories and exercise to lose weight.
Both diet and exercise work in tandem.
Research has also shown it is easier to eat less calories than to burn them away.
Try to exercise everyday for half an hour.
Do weight strengthening exercise as it is good for you.
It builds up muscle.
Do you know that muscle tissue burns up more calories too? Don't be misled by all the slimming pill.
You can get side effects.
In the worst case scenario, you may even harm yourself or die.
Lastly, the effects are temporarily the moment you stop the pills your weight returns.
One gramme of fat contains 9 calories while one gramme of protein contains 4 calories.
1 gramme of carbohydrates also contains 4 calories.
So looking at this information, if you want to lose weight avoid taking food containing fats.
The body does require fats to be healthy.
If possible, choose unsaturated fat over saturated fat.
Unsaturated fat are liquid in room temperature and generally comes from vegetable and fish.
Saturated fat are solid in room temperature and generally comes from animals.
Over consumption of saturated fatis associated with high risk of coronary heart disease.
Besides calories, you need to consider whether you are getting enough nutrients.
For example, diet plan may ask you to forgo a certain type of food.
or restrict you to certain foods.
When you drastically reduce your food intake in order to slim down, the body also reacts by slowing down the metabolism making it harder to slim down.
To be healthy you need to have proper nutrition.
There are five classes of food you need to consume.
  • bread, cereals, potatoes and rice
  • fruit and vegetables
  • milk and dairy products
  • meat and fish
  • food containing fat
You need to take plenty of fibre.
Fibre is found in whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables.
It slows down digestion and doesn't have calories because the digestive system does not digest fibre.
It makes you feel fuller too.
Rather than follow a fad diet, go for a sensible diet program [http://www.
htm] tailored for your lifestyle and physical condition.
Avoid drinking alcohol or beer.
Limit drinking soft drinks as they contained sugar.
Try to eat smaller portions.
You don't need to be 100% full.
Aim to be 3/4full.
The trick here is to eat only when you are hungry and don't overeat.
Do you binge when you are under stressed or depressed? Control yourself or try to eat fruits and vegetables.
Avoid fried food as they contain lots of fats.
Go for soups, boiled, steamed, oven food instead.
Billy Blanks Bootcamp Diet Plan [http://www.
htm] would give you some ideas for meals that are healthy and tasty.

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