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What Women Want in a Man - Part 1

Men find it hard to believe that women want more than just money or good looks in a man hence they find it difficult to believe when women just are not interested in them.
Women pay attention to detail and love men that don't try hard, that are sensitive, secretly flirtatious and smitten by them.
Knowing what women want and what they desire is what men need to know so they can make any woman like them, read below for some excellent techniques.
Be cool and don't give yourself away as she will instantly notice that you are trying to attract her attention and will assume that you are looking to have a good time with her at her expense or that you are expecting an outcome.
Be calm and collective and she will also be more responsive and attentive towards you because if you apply pressure and try to hard she will immediately push you away and won't be interested in you.
Women love a man that is friendly toward them, a man that befriends her and is looking for nothing more than a nice casual friendship and is then completely relaxed when you decide to make your move and she has already grown to like you.
Like this she will get to know you and has already established a nice friendship so all the barriers are down as she is comfortable in your presence and become to like you too.
Women are very attracted to men that are flirtatious with them in a subtle way by genuine compliments here and there and paying them a lot of attention.
Women love that attention and enjoy being liked by you and will be more than happy when you make your feelings towards her clear.
So go ahead and don't hold back as women love being spoilt and taken care of.
Dating online can help men find what women want by find your best date by dating online and using the time to thoroughly check and look through the interests you have so you can become aware of what women want in a man by reading through their profile.

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