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Time to Legalize Prostitution

While on my short sabbatical I re-read some of my old posts.
One that caught my attention was about legalizing street drugs.
I know the dangers of those drugs and I am personally against their use, however I believe the solution, the so-called "War on Drugs," has made the problem worse, not better.
And one thing that really irks me is that the conservative ideologues know that their solution is not working and continue to support the war just so they can take the moral high road on the issue.
That is the definition of liberalism to me: Your solution to the problem does not work, in fact it is making the problem worse, but it shows you care, so you keep using it.
This same approach is taking with prostitution in most states.
We are morally against it so we prosecute it as a crime in order to show our moral outrage.
The war on prostitution makes the problem worse but we feel we have to fight it to show that we are a decent and good people.
This is silly and it is killing people.
But moralists go to bed every night with the feeling that they are on the right side of the issue.
I am a conservative Christian and I am against prostitution, but that doesn't stop me from seeing the futility of having government-imposed morality on a victimless crime (If the prostitute is underage, or forced into the profession, that is a different crime and it should be punished severely.
In its simplest form prostitution is a voluntary exchange of goods, money for sex.
Once the government starts criminalizing this exchange, the market is forced underground and this creates crime and victims.
The women are terrorized by pimps and abused by johns who know that the women have few legal avenues for protection.
They are lawbreakers themselves and cannot always report the crime.
Even worse, since they are usually on the fringes of society, law enforcement will not use up a lot of their limited resources to protect them.
Prostitution has always been a part of society and always will be.
If we legalize it, it can be regulated and taxed.
Part of the tax money can be used for counseling for the prostitutes if they have a drug addiction or they need some help getting out of the business.
Government oversight will lead to a heavily regulated industry.
This means less risk of killer diseases and more protection for the women from johns and pimps.
Government regulation will tend to raise the market price for prostitutes and this will send some of the business underground, but on a whole it will be a much safer industry.
It will also free up the over-burdened resources of our courts, jails, police departments, and emergency rooms.
If you doubt my salvation as a Christian based on my opinion of this issue, and you are morally outraged over prostitution just remember that you were probably a fornicator at some point in your life and you shouldn't make such a harsh judgment on this issue.
And if you were ever divorced for reasons other than the narrow rationale defined in the Bible and you remarried, than you are also an adulterer.
You might be both.
You could keep good company with prostitutes.

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