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Shisha Safety Tips You’Ve Never Read Before!

A newbie or pro smokers must have experienced problems when using hookah. If others have errors, you don't have to follow their mistakes. Read this first if for a safe shisha sensation!
Seriously, you have to be responsible for your belonging. Once you suck the hookah pipe and experience a relaxing one of a kind moment, it's time for you to clean up! Use cool water to clean the hose. Some hoses aren't made of steels, hence cleansing it with hot water may leach its chemical substance.
The hookah hose is usually made out of soft material. If you stick a cleansing brush in it, you may damage the hose. Some are even not waterproof, hence cleaning it with a clean and decent cloth will just be enough. And don't wash it often. 6 to 7 times after using it is the right moment to clean the hose.
If you can afford it, buy several hoses for particular flavor usage. This idea is to avoid the €flavor stain' on the hose that may result weird taste mixture when you smoke another molasses. I suggest you purchase cheap hoses to prevent the permanent stain in disturbing the true taste of your sheesha. The benefit is that you don't have to do regular maintain, after you've done with chocolate flavor, you can change it with a new hose and a new flavor. You can throw it once it goes rusty.
When you light charcoals, wait until it's hot before placing it on the bowl. If you put it before it turns red, it produces more poisonous gas called CO. The effects of CO are headache, dizzy and anxious. If you are experiencing these symptoms instead of feeling relaxed, you should stop smoking hookah tobacco right away.
This is a simple yet important tips that most of hookah reviews have forgotten to state. Remove your carpet when smoking with hookah! Get a mat especially for your shisha parties unless you want to continually make holes on your beloved Persian carpet at home. Make sure the instrument doesn't land on your belongings. One thing to be noted, use a ventilated room unless you want to inhale fumes.
Practice makes perfect. You might make mistakes when lighting the coals, accidentally burn your expensive thing. But keep trying and you'll find out that smoking hookah shisha is a fun hobby you can do with your close friends.

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