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Types of Workman Compensation Benefits

Benefits for workman who are injured on the job include medical care, rehabilitation costs, and disability care and death coverage as well. A workman comp claim in Portland is processed to ensure that the employee is compensated for wages lost during the time the injury or illness makes it impossible for them to work. Total or partial, temporary or permanent disability benefits are based on the amount that the person was earning prior to the injury. In terms of medical care doctor visits, medication, and surgeries cost are covered under the program. Rehabilitation would usually cover all expenses with regard to physical therapy.

Ensuring that injured workman get compensation

Workers fearing retaliation from employers have the tendency to under report the extent of their injuries. They also end up not reporting injuries and end up treating themselves privately. They incur huge costs or pass these costs down to their health insurance providers. This is where a worker's compensation attorney in Oregon comes into play. Being injured on the job is hard enough to deal with; clients do not have the bandwidth of dealing with the process of the compensation claim. The injured person needs to report the injury to the employer and immediately get proper medical attention. The next step would be to get an experienced workers' comp attorney in Oregon to ensure that all their rights are protected.

Exemptions from compensation benefits

The number of employees an organization may have without needing insurance is different state to state. It generally ranges between one to five. There are certain cases, where the type of work the employee does also matters. A workman compensation claim in Portland cannot be claimed for employees who are covered under federal programs, real estate agents or people who work on the basis of commission and household domestic service employees. In order to protect their businesses many companies engage lawyers or attorneys who are experts in this area of law. Some employees, who have trouble with their claims being processed, hire a workers' compensation attorney to handle all aspects of the appeals process.

Workers' compensation covers long-term problems and illnesses

Injuries need not be caused by an accident per se, in order for it to be covered under the compensation program. Employees can get compensation for injuries that have been caused due to overuse or misuse over long periods of time such as chronic back pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. Employees, who get carpal tunnel syndrome, suffer from swellings formed inside the tunnel that's created by bone and ligament in the wrist. As the swelling puts pressure on nerves passing through the tunnel the employee at some point is unable to work due to the pain, numbness and tingling. Workers suffering from repetitive stress injuries or disorder are also compensated these days. Repetitive keyboard activities occur to employee's wrists, hands and elbows. Occupation hazards occur to employees who have to stay in a fixed position for long period of time.

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