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How to Decorate a Filing Cabinet

    • 1). Repaint your cabinet. If your cabinet has seen better days, starting with a fresh coat of paint is an easy way to revitalize the look. Use a fine-grit sand paper to sand off any raised sections of paint, then repaint the entire surface using a spray-on or brush-on metal-ready enamel. Painting the cabinet with a color that complements the room's decor allows the piece of furniture to blend in with its surroundings and gives it a customized look.

    • 2). Add decorative paint accents. By painting decorating accents onto your cabinet, you can turn the piece into an attention-getting addition. Using craft paint, paint a vine venturing around your cabinet, floral accents on cabinet sides or a scene along one side of your filing cabinet.

    • 3). Cover the cabinet exterior and/or the interiors of drawers with plasticized adhesive paper. Purchase paper in a solid color or make your cabinet addition even more attractive by using paper with an aesthetically pleasing design.

    • 4). Gather an assortment of magnets, and place them on the sides of your cabinet. To customize your magnetic additions, purchase magnetic frames and place your own images in them, then attach them to the sides of your cabinet.

    • 5). Place decorative accents atop the filing cabinet: a silk floral arrangement, small statue or lamp will give your workplace a homier and more welcoming feel.

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