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Lenovo Laptops For College

While Lenovo laptops, and the Lenovo company in general, don't get a lot of publicity, they make a very powerful machine that many college students will find suitable for their academic needs. In this article, I will discuss the primary differences between two of Lenovo's models: the standard Essential and the slightly upgraded IdeaPad.

In my opinion and experience, the best Lenovo laptop for college [] is the IdeaPad. With the laptop's TriDef 3D technology and premium JBL stereo speakers, the IdeaPad is a fantastic tool for college students wishing to pursue a degree in graphic design, audio and film production, or visual arts. The IdeaPad is more secure and offers more advanced protection than the Essential model. It also has select, pre-installed system software called Active Protection System.

For people who generally work or learn better, such as myself, through the use of virtual, interactive aids, the IdeaPad offers a convertible touch tablet, which functions similarly to Apple's iPad. I bought an IdeaPad when I first started college and it lasted me through the next two years with no problems at all.

Even though the Lenovo Essential machine does not have as many features as the IdeaPad, nor is it as powerful, it is still an "essential" piece of equipment for any college student. It offers a standard ATI Radeon Graphics Card and is complete with a starter version of Microsoft Office 2010. This machine definitely deserves intense consideration for any student researching laptops for college.

The IdeaPad's tablet feature is wonderful if you mainly enjoy group activities, as the computer's interactive touch feature allows for active participation and enhanced group-wide communication. Each laptop is backed by the Lenovo protection and will most definitely suit the needs of most college student. Advanced and immediate technical support is available through Lenovo for all laptop models, and is guaranteed to provide quick and quality service to all customers.

In short, you should most definitely consider a Lenovo laptop for your college educational needs. Lenovo makes a fabulous product that provides the necessary tools a student needs to succeed in college. Additional, more upgraded models are available as well and offer even more features that graduate students may wish to consider. Other products are available for those in the workforce who have experience with other Lenovo laptops and wish to continue using a similar product. These products are designed with the consumer in mind who wishes to excel in his or her educational surroundings, and won't cost you as much as the products offered by leading competitors.

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