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How Do You Get An Orgasm?

With Hypnosis, that's how! Hello, I am a practicing hypnotist and many people ask me "how do you get an orgasm" or "how can I get an orgasm?" Usually these are people who have tried countless doctors, pills, and therapy sessions with no success.
There is something very important that most people don't realize when it comes to sexual healing; 99% of the time people are unable to experience powerful orgasms because of something in their subconscious minds.
Obviously if you knew what was preventing you from having an amazing satisfying orgasm, you could fix it.
If you knew what the problem was you wouldn't need to see doctors or take pills, because you would enjoy satisfying sexual relationships.
There can be a variety of causes as to why people can't enjoy or have an orgasm, to name just a few 1.
Past life - (vow of celibacy in a previous life, sexual trauma in a previous life) 2.
Present life causes - (repressed sexuality because of negative messages as a child, unhappiness in relationships etc, unknown secondary benefits) 3.
Physical illness or sickness, The problem with reading books on sexual techniques, and sex courses etc, is that none of the underlying causes are addressed.
It doesn't matter how much you stimulate your G spot, if your subconscious decides you're not going to have an orgasm, you're not going to have an orgasm.
Now here is where it gets really interesting, because the problem is in our subconscious minds, you can't "figure it out" or "see a therapist".
By definition the problem is "subconscious" which is beneath your conscious level.
Think about what I am saying, the problem is beneath your conscious level.
If your conscious mind knew how to get an orgasm, you would be enjoying a powerful orgasm instead of reading this article, right? This is why countless hours of traditional therapy, pills, and other things just don't work, and never will work because the problem is in the subconscious.
The answer is unknown to your conscious mind.
So your asking yourself, "how do you access your subconscious?" Hypnosis allows you to find out the problem so you can enjoy spectacular orgasms and it allows for you to enhance your orgasm to a state that is deeply fulfilling in all the ways that matter most you.
But it's not just any kind of hypnosis, you need a hypnosis that will allow you to enjoy a deeply relaxed state.
If you go into a deeply relaxed state, you are able to bypass your critical mind for total healing.
The two best ways to do this are to see an ultra depth hypnotist in person or to use an ultra depth sexual healing orgasm mp3 if you prefer privacy.
So you are probably asking yourself, "if it's so easy to enjoy amazing orgasms then why doesn't everyone know about it?" I think the answer to that is a number of reasons; people have been conditioned to not see the incredible possibility in this world.
I have had the fortune to see what is possible with the human mind.
I specialize in hypnosis for healing so everyday see people who discover their healing through hypnosis..
I encourage you to check out my website and learn more about the power of your own mind.
The ability to enjoy Sexuality and 5 minute orgasms, are just one element of what your mind is capable of.

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