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How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation - Think About Your Grandmother

Premature Ejaculation is a common problem that is faced by many men around the world.
This condition is affecting guys from all age and races.
Although it is common, many men do not know how to overcome Premature Ejaculation.
What causes men to have Premature Ejaculation? One of the most common causes is anxiety.
When men become too nervous or excited during sexual intercourse, it is possible for them to lose control and ejaculate earlier than they expect.
There are several ways to overcome Premature Ejaculation.
Here are a few methods to share.
-Think about your grandmother Why think about your grandmother to prolong ejaculation time? Imagine when you are almost to reach the climax, you suddenly start to think about your grandmother, I bet it surely will slow down your anxiety.
This is actually one of the distraction techniques to divert your attention.
-Exercise your PC Muscles Pc Muscles will control ejaculation and orgasms.
It is located between your scrotum and anus.
So, if you want to last longer in bed, you need to train the PC Muscles to be stronger and that is to do PC flexes.
What is PC Flex? PC Flex is when you squeeze and stop the urinating flow.
Continue to tense your muscle and relax for about 20 to 30 times daily.
Once you get used to the exercise, increase the number of times to 300 repetitions.
You can learn to overcome Premature Ejaculation very easily.
All you have to do is some effort and patience in following the right ways.

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