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How to Change the Sprite Size on "Final Fantasy 7" for PC

    • 1). Download the Reunion Patch and LGP Tools. Both are fan-made projects intended to help players of Final Fantasy 7 get larger and more detailed sprites on the world map. Use the latest version of LGP Tools, which is 1.6.

    • 2). Patch Final Fantasy 7 to version 1.4. Download the 1.4 patch and run it to install.

    • 3). Double click on "My Computer" and navigate to "Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\data\field." Right-click and choose "New Folder." Name the folder "Char."

    • 4). Open LGP Tools and navigate to "Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\data\field." Select the file char.lgp. Click "Extr. All" and choose to extract them to the "Char" folder you just created.

    • 5). Run the Reunion Patch and choose the "Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\data" directory.

    • 6). Click "New" in LGP Tools and select the "Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\data\field\char" directory that you created. It will ask what you want to name your new file. Name it char.lgp.

    • 7). Return to "Program Files\Final Fantasy VII\data\field" and delete the "Char" folder. You are now ready to play "Final Fantasy 7" with larger and more detailed sprites.


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